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The following narration is a synopsis from an email supplied by Solveig Peck dated September 2, 2013. The text in quotation marks are direct quotes from her.

"I am attaching a scan of the picture I have from my mother. I have an old 'prestebok,' a registry of Norwegian Lutheran pastors in America, dating from 1843 - 1915. I have, however, been able to find only two of the pastors in the photograph." [The photos of the pastors below were cropped from an original collage produced in 1911. The photos were arranged in circular pattern around the photo of the church which you see in the previous page. The collage was too large to show on a single web page and so they are cropped and shown separately.]

"The pastor in the top center is Ole Hermundsen Aaberg and I can roughly translate the information: 'Ordained 1877, Norwegian Synode 1877 - 1903, Born in Aaberge, Sogndal, Midre Sogn, Bergen 13 October  1844. Parents Hermund Johnsen and Ingerid (nee Olsen) udv.* attended Luther College 69 - 74, Concordia Seminary Springfield, 75 - 76, Luther Seminary 76 - 77 (C.T.)* pastor, Alexandria, Minn. 77 - 79, Walle Grand Forks Co., N.D. 79 - 85, Devils Lake, N.D., 85 - 03, founder and director, Aaberg Acad. 88 - 03, trustee and treasurer for N.D. deaf-mute school 88 - 00. Married to Thea Evenson, 79."

"The pastor in the lower center picture is my maternal grandfather, Hans Andreas Leonard Hjermstad: 'Ordained 1904 Norwegian Synod 1904 - Born in Red Wing Dec. 29, 1877. Parents U.C.S Hjermstad and Georgine Christine (nee Kolstad), attended Luther College 1894 - 1897 and 1899 - 1901, Luther Seminary 1901 -04 (theological candidate), pastor, Washburn, N.D. (10 congregations) 1904 - 06, Lakota N.D. (6 congregations) 1906 - 1912, Mohall, N.D. (8 congregations) 1912 - Married to Hulda Sofie Thoreson 1905 and Hannah Østby Sandlie, 1910."

"My mother further notes that he served in Bothell, WA 1921 - 23, Chinook, WA 1923 - 25 and Anacortes, WA 1925 - 1933."

* unknown abbreviation

Three pastors
The names on the left and right photos weren't clear enough to be identified, but the one in the center is Ole Hermansen Aaberg

Reverend Hautbedt                  Pastor E. Bernem

Rev. Hautvedt on the left and E. Bernem on the right

Hans Andreas Leonard Hjermstad

Pastor Hans Andreas Leonard Hjermstad

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