churches of nelson county
These are all of the churches for which I have photos. If there have been
any omissions please either email me a photo or the information containing
the church's name, location and any other pertinent material.
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Melrose Lutheran Church

Melrose Lutheran Church: Dedicated in 1908.

Church History

Melrose Cemetery  Each cemetery entry has been linked to an actual photograph of the stone.  The photos can also be seen on the web site.

Center Lutheran Church Center Lutheran Church: Located in Central Township almost exacly in the center of the county. There is also a cemetery on the church grounds.
Michigan Lutheran Church Michigan Lutheran Church:
St. Lawrence O'Toole Catholic Church St. Lawrence O'Toole Catholic Church:
Dahlen Lutheran Church Dahlen Lutheran Church:
Our Savior's Lutheran Church Our Savior's Lutheran Church: Kloten
St. Mary's Catholic Church St. Mary's Catholic Church: Lakota
Laikota Lutheran Church Lakota Lutheran Church:
Lom Lutheran Church Lom Lutheran Church about 7-8 miles south of Petersburg. Now abandoned.
Pekin Lutheran Church

Pekin Lutheran Church in Pekin, North Dakota. Founded in 1906.

Petersburg Lutheran Church Petersburg Lutheran Church:
Tolna Lutheran Church Tolna Lutheran Church :
Sarnia United Lutheran Church Sarnia United Lutheran Church: Located in Whitman. It was formed by two rural congregations that united to form one. Even the buildings were moved onto the present site and remodeled into one structure.
Congregational Church Congregational Church: Originally in Michigan, North Dakota. Now located in Pioneer Village at Stump Lake.
Sheyenne Lutheran Church

Sheyenne Lutheran Church: Located about three miles south of Pekin, North Dakota. Founded in 1882. 

Photo by Donna Opoien

United Church of Christ in Lakota United Church of Christ in Lakota.
Episcopal Church, Lakota, North Dakota Church of the Good Shepherd: Episcopal Church in Lakota.                           
Grace Community Fellowship Church

Bethesda Ministries Church in Michigan, North Dakota

Grace Lutheran Church Grace Lutheran Church in Lakota
Lutheran Church, McVille, ND McVille Lutheran Church (ELCA), McVille, ND
New Luther Valley Church New Luther Valley Church, McVille, ND
Abandoned church Logan Lutheran Church. An old country church near Aneta, ND, now abandoned. The grounds and cemetery are well kept.
St. Joseph's Catholic Church St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Tolna, North Dakota.         
Our Saviors Lutheran Church

Our Savior's Lutheran Church, rural Kloten

I have never been to this church and I have mislaid the name of the source. The photos appear to have been taken during the centennial anniversary celebration in 1986.

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