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Melrose Cemetery

     Melrose Lutheran Church is situated in Melvin Township. It's name comes from the original name of the township (which was Melrose) but which has since been changed to Melvin Township. The church was first organized in 1887, and in the first few years services were held in the homes of various members. From about 1889 until 1908 the services were moved to the two new Melrose country schools. The original church was built in 1908 and dedicated in 1909. In 1962 a nearby country school was purchased and remodeled into a fellowship hall and kitchen. This building and an adjacent part of the church was damaged by an arson caused fire in 1978. Timely response by nearby residents and by the local fire department from the town of Michigan averted catastrophic loss, but some damage was done. The fellowship hall was not rebuilt, but the church building was subsequently repaired, and the present structure is maintained in pristine condition.   
     Initially the services were conducted in the Norwegian language. The first ministers were supplied by other Lutheran churches in the area, sometimes including visiting ministry from as far away as Dahlen Lutheran Church in Dahlen, which is in the extreme northeastern part of the county. Subsequently it became part of the parish of Michigan Lutheran Church in Michigan, ND. In more recent times as population in the area has declined and membership has dropped, regular services here were discontinued. Now there is only one service held in July of each year, but it is held in a festival setting and is well attended by the remaining members and their extended families as well as by former residents, neighbors and friends.
     The adjoining cemetery is likewise well maintained. There are approximately one hundred and seventy graves. There is another small and neglected cemetery located a few miles south. It contains eleven graves that encompass the time period from 1890 to 1908, or the period up to the time of the building of the Melrose Church. Clicking on the cemetery link at the top of the page will bring you to the Melrose Cemetery project, which was completed in 2009 with photos of the tombstones and an index.